Repost- Practice Statement. 23 June

Works are inspired by image making from the 19th Century, from when photography was discovered, from when people saw their faces as others see it for the first time. Or an image of scenery from afar being brought back to the city. A sight I imagine to feel very strange to see. Technology in those times, while advancing at a fast pace, was basic and work flow was slow and purposeful. However light travels at the same speed it does today, which is of interest when you think that has stayed a constant yet the world around us seems to be almost catching up to the speed of light.


My work has a hands on approach, a closeness between me, the maker, and light. Light and I take turns at controlling what is made in the image, by using strict parameter in which light interacts with the light sensitive paper or letting go of this control and allowing light to take over the action. There is play with a strange take on the everyday. The aesthetics, in the greek term of the word; to be known by the senses, is on the surface of the outcome, something that feels like you know it or have been there yet feels so distant at the same time.


Being inspired by my own living environment and greater community, projects respond with the idea of a pinhole camera to build or a room to transform into a camera obscura. Or often no camera at all by making solar and photograms. This allows for all the slippages I enjoy so much about photography to physically be a part of the processes. The relationship between light and time in an image is present in the final images as they are left as the fragile unique negatives that were present in the making.












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