Practice Statement, May 17.


Works are inspired by image making from the 19th Century, when photography was discovered. Technology, while advancing fast for the times, was basic and work flow was slow pace and purposeful. However, light, was travelling at the same pace it does today.

Being inspired by my own living environment and greater community, projects respond with the idea of a pinhole camera to build or a room to transform into a camera obscura. These bespoke cameras are then used as a temporary platform to look at parallels between light and social environments. The investigation continues with no camera, making solar and photograms to explore further what role light plays spatially in our lives and surroundings.

There is a hands on approach to the work. The use of fabricated structures allow a closeness between me, the maker, and light. The outcomes are left as fragile unique negatives. The aesthetics, in the greek term of the word; to be known by the senses, is on the surface of the outcome, physically a part of the process and have been touched by light.

The relationship we have to light and the pace we live our lives today has become the main point of inquiry, especially looking at what we control and what is out of control. The main questions around these ideas can be summed up into the following; how do we consider or appreciate light’s movements and involvement in our lives? and how does duration or time play a role in this?



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