Trying to understand me.

My art work as an inquiry is to form conversation around modern day photography and the perception of what an image should represent. Through the gesture of building/ making a camera, through the outrages colour or soft blur in the outcome, I want to question the viewer of what it is they are actually looking at. The final step in completing a body of work is the viewer involvement.

My practice is my process but my art works draw parallels with contemporary issues in the modern society. The main themes that run through my work are, public/ private and how the camera infiltrates our lives today. Social stature or positioning (to be expanded).

I also deal with space and time for its specificity of what has passed and what we are loosing.  Whether that is in terms of analogue photo itself or space in this world and in our minds. Or time exposures as a way to represent the epidemic of ‘busy’ that is taking over our lives.


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