Searching for space.

I’ve always been asked the question in critiques of ‘why’ I chose to shoot where I do. And I find my self a lot of the the time not being able to come up with the perfect answer (or some times any answer). The shoot that I did in Rarotonga however in the deserted hotel seemed to be a great success in terms of the location holding as much importance as the end image. It was a found place. Somewhere I came across and new I had to make an image there. I am trying to feed this idea into my work. Spaces to have a voice of there own and a story to tell.

Turrets are the spaces I currently want to shoot in. But again I got the question, ‘Why?’, “what makes them of importance?’. But by shifting my thinking (and hopefully the viewers) to think of them a ‘found space’ I think is going to make the of much more interest. Turrets all ready exist. My job is to find them, gain access and uncover their spacial secrets, then share that spaces story.

Today I went and explored an abandoned house in Herne Bay. Hoping I may find somewhere to shoot. There was a turret like shape on the front of the building but it turned out to be a stair well and not usable. Still the building was very interesting and I may have to venture back there to get a digital obscure anyway.

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